A Look Back At The Early Days

A Look Back At The Early Days

December 2022,

Covid Ditty, wins Best of the Bronx, and screens live at the Yonkers film fest! It was such a joy to attend, with actor Andrew Terranova, who plays Charlie, and Anthony Augello, our outstanding director of photography, actor, and assistant director. Good things are happening! But reflecting on our success, brings me back to our early days. How do you create a web series in the height of a global Pandemic? Rehearsals, table reads, locations, casting, wardrobe, fundraising, daily call sheets including mandatory Covid tests were required by SAG AFTRA, and the state and city of New York pre vaccines!

Remembering our call sheet:

10 am: “Covid test at Imperial Pharmacy”

then followed by

11 am: Table read outside, under tents at Tibbets Restaurant.

-Mandatory masks and social distancing required at all times!-

I would tell our cast to bring their own Covid challenges to their characters. I believe, there is a deep connection between characters and actor preparation work. In essence I told the actors to not be afraid of their own experiences with Covid and incorporate it into their character.  It rings true and very much organically in the moment. And that is the special ingredient to our show.

Stay tuned next for more insight. 

- Steve Greenstein

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