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After living under state and local COVID lockdown and stay at home orders, Phil decides to leave his home bunker and venture out to his changed Kingsbridge Bronx neighborhood. What he finds is not exactly "essential."

Phil and his son Charlie try to reason with the school re-open and close policy. When the local library is shuttered and Charlie is growing tired of remote learning, Phil coins his new favorite mayoral word "Deblasioed." Simply translated, "What can go wrong will go wrong." A trip to the local deli to buy  a newspaper becomes eye opening.


With daily messages out of the White House of "The Chinese Virus," Asian Americans start facing discrimination. Mr. Lee, owner of the local Chinese restaurant, falls way behind in rent due to lack of business brought on by fears and bigotry. Charlie and Phil together come up with a plan to help their neighbor 

Outdoor dining is starting to wear thin in the Bronx. Phil's friend Maria and his son Charlie find ordering in near freezing temps for their scrambled eggs a bit much. Mary, the donut shop waitress has a plan. Mary knows where indoor dining is still available. She sympathizes, and suggests they head across the border to the IRISH FREE STATE, Yonkers, for a good ole fashioned Irish breakfast.


Phil and his friend Archie, a local MTA transit worker, are grieving the loss of their dear lifetime friend Ritchie, an MTA bus driver. Phil and Maria, a nurse's assistant, start to grow closer as Phil provides comfort and friendship to her during this difficult time at her job. The three realize that the pandemic is hitting very close to home as the daily news becomes their day to day reality.

                      Episode 6: The Icon                               
As the pandemic rages on, in the Bronx, houses of worship are becoming effected by closures.  Vince finds new faith. However, upon a visit to his beloved parish, Vince finds that St. Johns is experiencing a “Covid red zone closure” brought on by local New York City and state officials.  Charlie shows his activism, helping the community, by volunteering at the community fridge on 231st  street, which is assisting those in need. Through these difficult times, our characters are finding a renewed faith.
As it is written on the refrigerator: “According to your faith you will be given.”
Drama desk winner Ken Jennings guest stars in “The Icon” episode 6 as Father Kelly.


A Bronx Parish Priest and neighborhood Rabbi find solace in one another as COVID sweeps through their congregations.




Phil, let’s face it, has been having issues with the 21st century. As he returns to his retro 1970’s roots, his nostalgia for the decade’s pop culture; such as top 40 radio, boom boxes, and flipping baseball cards reaches a peak.  Phil decides to mentor Charlie in the art of flipping cards. The two meet at the handball courts in Van Courtland Park.  However, Charlie will have no part of it, as he would rather be playing baseball after two years of lockdown. While at Montefiore Hospital, Maria confronts her coworker nurse, Lanisha, about the relevance of vaccines during a Covid mandate. 

Angela Polite co stars as Lanisha in our award-winning season finale, retro episode titled “The Say Hey Kid.”