Guest Stars and Co-Stars

Guest Stars and Co-Stars

What makes Covid Ditty special, are the wonderful co-star and guest star actors. Every episode we introduce a new character played by talented Sag Aftra New York based actors.  It’s the salt and pepper that adds to a great soup.  Paula Galloway as the MTA conductor, Jeff Farber as Rabbi Goldman, Robert Ierardi as a real estate salesman, Galway McCullough as a classical radio announcer, Drama Desk winner Ken Jennings as Father Kelly, Angela Polite as Nurse Lanisha, Jenn Plotzke as waitress Maria, Lei Zhou as Mr. Lee, Anthony Augello as Vince, Kyle Moore as Rosie’s barber, and Lenny Grossman as the Carvel Ice Cream Clerk.  Chemistry is key in casting.  Please take a look at our end credit scroll after every episode and you’ll find up and coming young actors, as well as seasoned veterans.

A big bow to our entire cast.

-Steve Greenstein

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